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K Public Relations LLC is a full-service public relations firm committed to providing outstanding customized services for every client. We devote personalized attention to an esteemed roster of clients, producing results that consistently exceed expectations. K PR builds brands across a diverse range of industries, including beauty, fashion, accessories, lifestyle/consumer, heath & wellness, home & design, culinary & spirits, hospitality & travel and  non-profit.


Since its founding in 2007, Manhattan-based K Public Relations LLC has earned a reputation for results-oriented public relations, top-tier media placement, noteworthy product launches and sophisticated special events.


At K Public Relations LLC, we only work with brands that we live, breathe, and believe in. Our staff is dedicated to our clients, and we give them our full energy, attention, enthusiasm, and creativity. K PR truly values the concept of “service” in every industry, and we believe that a sense of hospitality should be always present in client and editor interaction. We strive to create an atmosphere for client business growth where communication is integral to a successful partnership.


Through our work, we find that garnering key media placements as well as identifying key marketing and co-branding opportunities can assist in increasing exposure and awareness with target audiences as well as distinguish your brand within its industry. K PR’s “sales-based” public relations approach aims to achieve through this creative and effective PR/marketing strategies.



Kira Kohrherr is the founder and president of K Public Relations LLC. At K PR, Kira has headed new company launches, client re-branding strategies, store openings, as well as traditional PR and marketing campaigns.


Prior to founding K PR in 2007, Kira worked at mid-size and boutique PR agencies in New York and as the Director of PR at the Grand Hyatt New York at Grand Central Station. Prior to public relations, Kira worked in sales and marketing capacities in the hospitality industry.


Kira holds a B.S. from the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, where she is frequently a guest lecturer. She grew up "racing" alongside ostriches on her family's farm in New Jersey. She is still an avid runner, completing races from 5Ks to marathons each year, and developing some of her best ideas during brainstorming sessions in Central Park.

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